What We Do.

Next Dimension Marketing is a green and sustainable energy conscious company that seeks out ways and products which will help reduce our carbon footprint and bring profits to the company. These unique products, along with our CASe Division, help establish Next Dimension Marketing as a forerunner in this arena.

Our Products.

Our first product is our Performance Enhancement and Emissions Control Hydrogen (PEECH for short) system for diesel trucks. When our systems are installed, vehicle owners are saving between 10-35% on fuel costs. Additionally, they are benefiting from emissions which are cut in half or better, boosts in engine horsepower and torque, and extended engine life. We feel that our PEECH System is a clean and simple way to create energy effectively.

Customers have reported 10-35% increases in diesel mileage from the very first tank. Our PEECH System offers better gas mileage percentages then our competitors because of our superior generator design.

With our system installed, truck owners not only experience substantial increases in miles per gallon, but also significant gains in horsepower without damaging the engine. Data has also shown an increase in the longevity of engine life.

Not only is our PEECH System one of the best ways to improve gas mileage, but it has also been shown to reduce carbon footprints dramatically. Tests have shown up to 85% cleaner emissions making our product a great green alternative.

In the near future, we are planning to introduce PEECH Systems for other types of engines and applications as well. Please check back here periodically, or sign up for our Newsletter to receive updates directly to your email inbox.